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Comprehensive analysis of a company’s premises, systems, and procedures.


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A security survey is comprehensive of the company’s analysis of a company’s premises, systems, and procedures. There are three primary objectives for performing a security survey: Measuring the security that is already in place. Identifying and quantifying any weaknesses in the current security plan. Determining the degree of protection that is required. After the security survey is complete, there should be enough information to make recommendations for improving the current security program.

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Companies face greater and greater challenges every year as they address potential and actual losses from theft, terrorism, and natural disasters. As these threats have increased, many savvy business managers have begun to come to terms with the consequences of not being proactive in addressing these threats. A thorough security survey, conducted as part of a larger risk assessment, will be any business manager’s most valued asset when addressing these potential sources of loss.

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Why Is It Important?

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Eliminate the risk of liability

In some cases where a security breach has been made and an employee has been harmed, you could be held liable if you did not have the proper security precautions in place. A security survey will help to ensure that you have done everything possible to protect your employees and help eliminate the risk of your being held liable in the event of a break-in or another sort of security breach should occur.


Meet current law requirements for security

There may be certain security protocols that you are required to meet by law, but keeping up with these laws can be challenging. A security survey will help to ensure that your security system is always up to date and meets current security requirements.


Provide employees with peace of mind

Feeling safe and secure in your work environment is essential in order to be able to work effectively and productively. A security survey, even if no recommendations are made, will help give you and your employees peace of mind knowing that your building is secure.

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Ensure money is being spent wisely

Even if you already have a security system in place, conducting a regular security survey will help to identify any weaknesses in your current system. As security threats and the assets that need to be protected change, your security system should change as well. Conducting a security survey will help to pinpoint any weaknesses in your current system.

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